Best Way to Execute Windows File Recovery

Loss of files/folders can be possible from Windows OS. Such loss of files can be happen due to many reasons like virus or malware attack or system error or human error. However file recovery for windows OS can be possible by using Windows file recovery software. You may wonder about how it can be possible once files get delete or format? But let you know deleted or lost files can be recovered from your system. When your file get delete from system then, just its access control removed from the directory files and declare that place is free to store new file. If this file is overwritten by new file then only it becomes little bit difficult for file recovery otherwise you can easily recover lost file by using recovery software. So it is recommended that to perform successful file recovery for Windows OS avoid use of that drive until and unless you recover lost or deleted data. But are you aware about Windows file recovery software and its functionality? If No, then read this article carefully because this article helps you to know, how to perform lost or deleted file recovery for Windows OS by using Windows file recovery software. But before using this software let’s know some causes of data loss from your Windows system.Situation where you lose your data from Windows system:

  • Corruption of File system: Each and every system hard drive contains the file system like FAT and NTFS to hold data in it. There are chances of corruption of these file system. Suppose if this file system get corrupt then it leads to loss of all stored files from your system hard drive.
  • Corruption of partition table: Partition table is the one of the critical file of the Windows system and which is located in the starting sector of hard drive. This partition table contains the no of partitions, its location, its size etc. If this file gets corrupt then you are unable to access data from any of the hard drive which leads severe data loss.
  • Partition/repartition process failure: While partition or re-partitioning of system drive if your process get failed due to any kind of error or any other reason then it leads to loss of data.
  • Inappropriate process of formatting: While formatting of any of the system drive if you select the wrong drive to format in which you have selected the important files then it leads to data loss.
  • Damage of Master Boot Record: Windows system hard drive contains the Master Boot Record in its first sector of the hard drive. If this MBR get corrupt due to any reasons like virus attack then it leads to data loss from system.

To know more about causes you can use this site. These are the steps where you face the data loss from system. However you can recover such kind of data loss by using Windows file recovery software. There are some capabilities of this software are mentioned below,

  • This software helps to recover more than lost or deleted 300 file types along with its file type, name, size and date.
  • This software supports to recover files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT file system.
  • Along with system it helps to recover lost, deleted or inaccessible files from different storage device like hard drive (SATA/ATA/IDE), memory cards, USB drives, iPods etc.
  • By using this software you can perform Windows recovery for different versions like Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7.

If you want to try for this software then download its free demo version and try for recovery before purchasing this software. To download and to know more about this software you can visit here.