How to repair Doc file after corruption

The most extensively used text editor in the world is Microsoft Word. Microsoft word comes with equipped useful and easy-to-use featuring options. It gives the end user very powerful features to create, format and modify different types of documents.

Though Microsoft Word application is the most powerful tool still it has its own share of problems. At instance when user interact with the application then they face some errors. This error visibility could be of junk character instead of text, or blank documents with some symbols etc.

There symptoms if you see in your word then nothing to say more as they are good enough to tell that a document had been corrupted. Word documents are compelled to corruption is because of the factors like abrupt system shutdown, virus attack, application malfunction, power surge and others. Therefore due to these scenarios it becomes essential to regain the data. This means to say to repair word has to be done which will give access to text or information from a corrupt Word document.

The best way which people think is to recover data using the backups. But for the task to accomplish you must have backups. Other than this you can try for the restoring point that can also make your file reach to state of healthy files. Other than this you can use the other strategies to repair files like open and close.

One basic thing that makes corruption in your Doc is recovery. When you recover file using improper tool then there could be corruption in Doc file. Therefore, to fix restored Doc file you need to use some extraordinary step apart from restoring points and backups.

Now here is a little consideration of a scenario. Suppose you have a very important business document that is saved in .doc file format in your system. The source to get the file was an e-mail. When you are asked to retain the content of the file then you could not see anything except square boxes. Then you will find a need to repair a word Doc.


The strange behavior of the word document like after opening content showed in the form of square, file after opened shows blank etc and this indicates that the Doc is corrupted. This might happened when the document was downloaded hence you can get file in proper format if you download the file again. If it fails then you can try the solution section of the article that will definitely help you.


So in order to fix the corrupted word Doc you can go though the following steps:

  • Click here and this will download the software exe in your system.
  • Install the software using exe just by double clicking the icon.
  • After you will be given with a wide home screen that will show you the option of repairing the Doc.
  • After your file is repaired you will be able to see all the contents of the Doc file.

The version here is only the trial version that will make you reach to the half process of repairing and if you feel that software is good then you can go for the complete version of the software.