Try to Use Laptop as an External Monitor

External MonitorWhat is External Monitor?

Providing an extra screen and allow you to work on the same computer as on the dual screen is the nothing but an extra monitor. It will be really amazing when you see an extra monitor in front of you as the things may not needed for the separate tabs and also you don’t require to press Alt + Tab for so many times. For such advantages try this new thing that is making use of your laptop whenever you like, you don’t need to buy a new computer for that.

You may have Chrome and Microsoft browsers on the different but loading at the same time. Let us assume if you are operating multiple the monitors at a time will be also a great thing to do so and also look cool. Even you can make use of it in different fields such as gaming, playing media, and many more. Suppose for this you may not required to have another monitor as you can work it out with the laptop and also you can easily set up the screen with the help of the cables and the home network let you complete the task. It’s really surprising you, if so, now you can also have the same thing to your desktop. Let us look how you can do it.

Applications of an External Monitor:

Wherever multi task is needed to perform their External Monitor may exist as with the help of the multiple screens you can perform more tasks at a time. You need not to worry as there will be no hang out of the system or any issue. It’s really works like amazing without any errors. VGA, DVI, or HDMI connection will only work in one direction when the local network connected side by side.

Even this technology is quite using in many different fields due to its wide range of applications. When you visit any hospital, you may see the multiple screen as doctor may be using one for notes and also can be use other for diagnoses and many other application similar to this. Even you can improve the speed of the productivity by adding an extra monitor to a single monitor.

Software for Multi Monitor:

Working space will be one of the best reasons behind the working on more than one monitor followed by its accomplice and also you may get frustration by changing the screen for every time. There are many different applications which let you share keyboard and also mouse at a same time between desktop and Laptop. You can test them on the latest version of Windows i.e. on Windows 10 which is an ultimate desktop connecting your laptop Widows 10 pro inside preview.

How to Set Multiple Operating Systems on Your Computer?

Operating system is considered to be one of the most important set of softwares which help the user to interact with hardware. Usually most of the computers are operating on single operating system but you can also maintain two or more operating systems on the same personal computer. Due to multiple operating systems there should be better management of files and the user can have fast assessment of files from the hard drive. The process of installing two operating systems on the same PC and choosing them at right boot time is called dual booting.

How to set multiple operating systems on your computer?

Companies like Google and Intel plans for dual boot Windows and Android PC’s. You can also install Windows 8.1 OS along with Windows 7, and can maintain Linux and Windows OS on the same PC, or can install Linux or Windows OS alongside Mac OS X.

Now let us discuss how dual booting works:

Generally a computer OS is installed on systems hard drive. When you boot your computer, the BIOS load the boot loader from the systems hard drive. Now the boot loader boots the installed operating system. You can also install multiple operating systems on the same hard drive or you could place another hard drive and install the operating system to it.  You can install multiple operating on the same drive by partitioning the hard drive. So that you can have one partition for one operating system and another partition for another operating system.

When you install a Linux distribution it automatically installs the Grub boot loader. If Windows were already installed, then at the time of booting instead of Windows boot loader Grub will be loaded and it allows the user to you to choose the operating system which they want to boot. Windows OS has its own boot loader which can be used to select different versions of Windows OS if you install more than one OS.

Benefits of Dual Booting:

Different operating systems can have different uses and advantages. Installing more than one operating system allows the user to switch between them and maintain better file management. Suppose you installed Linux OS aside Windows operating system and now you can assign two operating systems for different works. You can use Linux OS for development purpose and booting into Windows when you need to use only Windows software.

Instead of setting dual boot system, you can also use virtual machine software. But dual boot system allows the usage of both operating systems on the hard drive at full speed whereas it is difficult to deal with virtual machine when it comes to 3D graphics.

How to Set Dual Boot System?

  • Dual Boot Windows and Linux: If there is no operating system installed on your PC, then install Windows OS. Now create the Linux installation media and boot it into the Linux installer. After that select the option to install Linux alongside Windows.
  • Dual Boot Windows and Another Windows: Shrink the current Windows partition and create a new partition for different version of Windows. Now boot into another Windows installer and select the newly created partition.
  • Dual Boot Linux and Linux: Install the Linux operating systems one after the other. Now install the new Linux OS alongside old Linux OS. You can also dual boot Mac OS X and Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

In Few Minutes, I’ll Give You Glimpse on Restoring Data from Memory Card

Is it possible to restore memory card data that has been deleted accidentally? restore memory card

Memory card storage device help user digital life in more convenient way and it act as a portable device. In this, user can save many types of files like movies, text documents, software’s, audios, photos, and more and carry along with them. Nowadays, many varieties of electronic devices are being manufactured with different features such as mobile phones, camcorders, digital cameras, music players, iPods, etc in the world. All these multimedia devices allows user to use memory cards as a storage space. Data storing in memory card is become much easier now for the user.

User can rewrite their data in memory card multiple times and after saving data it retains even without any power supply. The usage of flash memory card is increasing day by day all over the world. There are many brands involved in designing and developing memory cards some of them are SanDisk, Transcend, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Kingston, Panasonic, etc. The storage capacity of the memory card varies from MB to GB in size. However, due to constantly using flash cards user might face a deletion or lose of data. After losing their precious files, user may think how to restore memory card files and starts searching for the solution over the internet or some blogs and forums but didn’t find any answer.

Here, in this post I am going to explain about the recover tool that as ability to bring you out of data loss situation efficiently. But, before any further information of this tool user should know some of the scenarios that lead to deletion or loss of files that are stored on memory cards.

  • Problem occurred during data transfer: If you are transferring data from memory card to the system by connecting with the help of data cable or card reader, Suddenly system shuts down or there is power failure or removed flash memory card abruptly, then due this also card will get corrupted and all the which are stored will become inaccessible.
  • Intrusion of virus in memory card:Viruses are nothing but a destructive program whose main aim is to harm the files that are saved on memory card and make data inaccessible for the user. It usually gets inserted in the flash card when user connects to an virus infected system causing deletion or loss of data.
  • Using memory card in multiple devices repeatedly:Mainly, memory cards are used in mobile phones, camcorders, digital camera etc. Suppose, if you are using the same memory card on different electronic device for storing data. As this may cause damage to the file system of the memory card and results in data loss situation.
  • Formatting memory card: There might be a case when flash card is plugged into the PC then what you saw that on your system screen made you amaze a prompt message pops out asking to do you want to format the drive. Then, you don’t left any choice then to format memory card in order to use further and resulting in loss of data from memory card.

How to restore memory card using this recovery software?

Memory Card Recovery Software is developed by group of IT industry experts and it is simple and easy to use tool which helps you in restoring all the data from the memory card. With the aid of this program, you can perform memory card restore operation on different types like SD, SDXC, SDHC, XD, MMC cards and more. As this software read only it does not modify your original data; rather it just reads the contents and copies in a new healthy file. It supports FAT16, FAT32, HFS, NTFS, HFS+, NTFS5 and ExFAT file system formatted partitions/volumes.

How to Recover CF Card after Formatting?

Compact Flash card is one of the most popular memory card used for storing media files in digital cameras and other electronic gadgets like camcorders, iPods, mobile phones, and so on. The storage capacity of CF cards varies from few MB up to a maximum of 64 GB. CF card has large storage capacity, when compared to other memory cards like SD card, xD card, SDXC card, SDHC card, MMC card, etc. As CF cards have high transfer speed, it is one of the most widely used external storage media used in electronic gadgets.

Imagine that you have plugged in your CF card to your computer in order to transfer some files. But, as soon as you connected your CF card to the system, an error message like CF card not formatted, and needs to be formatted in order to access it’s data. So, in order to get access to your CF card, you have formatted it and lost all your data within no time. Now, the question is, how will you recover CF card after formatting?

In such horrible situations, most of the users think that they have lost all their data permanently after formatting their CF cards. But, the fact is that only the pointer pointing to the files in CF card will be removed, and the data will be still intact on the CF card, until it is overwritten with new data. Data from formatted CF card can be easily recovered with the help of any reliable and powerful data recovery tool like CF Card Recovery software. Prior knowing the procedure about how to recover CF card after formatting, let’s have a glance at few common scenarios under which you may format your CF card and lose all your data.

You may unintentionally format your CF card, thinking that you are formatting a logical drive of your computer, when connected to your computer. As a result of this all files saved in your CF card will get erased.

Due to sudden power outage while accessing CF card data or due to severe virus or malware infection your CF card may get corrupt severely. As a result of this, you may encounter format error message, when connected to your system or to any device.

Sometimes, you may use your CF card on many systems for sharing the files. As a result of this, storage media may generate errors, which may in turn, blocks you from accessing files from CF card. Therefore, in order to eliminate errors, you may format your CF card.

No matter, whatever may be the reason for formatting your CF card, as a safety measure you have to maintain legitimate backup of the files stored in your CF card. In case, you have forgotten to backup your files and came across any of these scenarios. How to restore CF card after formatting? Do not, worry, after you have formatted your CF card, immediately stop using it in order to avoid data overwriting and make use of CF Card Recovery tool, to retrieve files from formatted CF card. It is capable of recovering files from different brands of CF cards like Sony, Samsung, SanDisk, Transcend, and many more. Moreover, this tool supports formatted CF card recovery on both Mac and Windows running machines.

Eye catching features of CF Card Recovery software:

1. Before purchasing any tool, everyone usually like to check the performance of the product. This software is available in full as well as demo version. You can download and run the demo version at free of cost.

2. Demo version scans and recovers almost all media files like pictures, videos, audio files, etc from formatted CF card in few easy steps.

3. After it completes scanning process, you can preview all the recoverable files either in File Type View or Data View. Hence, by previewing the recovered files, you can decide the ability of the tool.

4. In demo version itself, you are facilitated to save the entire data recovery process by using “Save Recovery Session” button. Therefore, after you purchase the tool, you do not have to spend your time by rescanning your CF card again. Instead, you can resume with the saved recovery session by just clicking “Open Recovery Session” button.

Know How to Recover Deleted Files Windows 8 

Have you ever encounter with deletion of files on the latest version of Windows operating system that is on Windows 8? Is your lost files are important to you and are you still looking for the solution how to recover deleted files on Windows 8? If it is yes, then no needs to worry because now it is possible to get back the files which are deleted or lost as in the improvement in the technology made it easier and also reduce the tension of many people by finding the simple and easy way of recovering deleted files from Windows 8. You can get back deleted file from Windows 8 which are deleted or lost due to virus attack, accidental deletion, etc. by making use of advanced software named as Uneraser Software which is equipped with deep scanning algorithm which can scans the entire without skipping any content or information and restore the deleted files on Windows to recover deleted files windows 8

Windows 8 is an advanced graphical user interface operating system developed by Windows which released Windows operating system in different versions from a decade such as Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc. which are containing different features when compared to each of the version. At least there will be unique features which got craze for the users to make use of these versions because of its applications. Most of the computer users prefer Windows 8 in order to have an outstanding application performance because it is latest version which contains more features. Windows provides a default set of applications to access different file types which made users more to get addicted. Windows operating system uses efficient and technically stable file system to manipulate stored files.

Instead of these many features and application of Windows 8 operating system but there is common issue as usual the other operating system faced that is data loss. There are many reasons for data loss from system which containing operating system as Windows 8. For every reason for data loss, you may get confused and also sometimes may even feel panic about the loss of important files as if it disappear all of sudden from the system. Then here at this stage, Uneraser Software gets you out of rid as this contain advanced algorithm which is inbuilt in order to perform recovery session with ease. This Uneraser software helps user in solving all the queries about how to recover deleted files Windows 8? Let us know see how the files get deleted from Windows 8 system.

Cases in which data get deleted from Windows 8 system:

  • When the system consists of third party software like antivirus software, file eraser, etc which can erase files which are affected with the attack of harmful virus from the computer. Files erased by this third party software automatically without intimating users about the removing of files from the system, it will remove the files from the Windows 8 computer and files get lost from the device.
  • When the device get format knowingly or unknowingly while accessing the files of the computer device. Then there is chance the entire data get deleted or lost from the device. This is an accidental case in which users’ loss files from the computer file because of his/her mistake.
  • Hard drive of the computer becomes inaccessible when the file system gets corrupted. If the hard drive becomes inaccessible then user may not find any other options rather than formatting the device. In this case, users opt formatting the device forcefully.

With the help of its features, Uneraser software has ability to recover deleted files of any reason. It can perform recovering of files with ease on Windows 8 system. With the help of this recovery application you can recover deleted pictures, audio, video files not only from Windows hard drive but also from external storage drive.

Find The Easy Ways to Extend The Life of Your Hard Drive

Hard drive failure is nightmare of every users who have stored huge amount of data on their hard drives. It can happen either physical way or in mechanical way. MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) is a term that denotes the lifespan of a hard drive. According to this rating, there are drives which can survive up to 300,000 hours. Anyhow, it does not guarantee that these drives will overcome all types of crashes during this period. SSDs (Solid State Drives) can also get affected by these errors like HDDs.

If your hard drive gets failed before completing the warranty period, you can replace that drive with a new one. But the data from that drive cannot be recovered by any tools. So, more attention is needed to enhance the life of hard drive and the protection of data in it. Here’s more details which you can refer in order to extend life of your hard drive.

Dust and Temperature

Dust is a major problem for every computer system. It can enter your computer through different jacks, ports and cooler fans. Each and every component of your computer’s hardware can get affected by this. Hard drives are not an exception. Regular cleaning of computer is essential to get rid of this. If affordable, air conditioning will be a good choice. One of the research made by Google states that hard drives living in 30 to 40 degree Celsius rage survive more. Also, you have to ensure that there is adequate air flow inside your computer’s CPU. Anyhow, proper control of temperature and humidity is essential.

Power Management

You should properly use Power Management feature on your computer. If you are not using your hard drive while the system is ON, you can put it into sleep state. If there are power fluctuations, you have to go for an ideal UPS with surge protection. A number of UPS devices provides you a program to turn off computer during power outage. Use this option properly.

Diagnostic Tools

Installing a SMART (Self-Monitoring Analysis Reporting Technology) tool can also help you to avoid hard drive failures. It closely evaluates read and write errors, noise, motor speed, and several other features related to a hard drive to find out whether this is the ideal time to replace hard disk. Seagate also provides a tool to diagnose hard disk for errors. SpeedFan is a good tool to find out in what temperatures you hard drive run in.

Learn Easy Way to Recover Deleted or Lost Pictures

It is obvious that user get panicked when photos get deleted or lost from your storage device since it includes lots of memories. It is a horrible condition since user has to suffer from data loss. In order to bring back such deleted or lost files user opts for reliable tool. Can anyone suggest easy way to recover deleted or lost pictures in pitch perfect way?

If you are facing similar problem, don’t get panicked, just make use of Recover My Photo tool to retrieve photos on hard drive, CD drive or USB drive. This advanced tool provides you numerous features over other recovery tool. Photo recovery utility is compatible with all the latest version of Windows (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc.). By using this recovery tool, you are capable in recovering files from different file system such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFS, HFS+, HFSX, and many more. It is available online that recovers deleted or lost files in simple and effective way. You can try it out for free to recover lost or deleted pictures.

Reasons for data loss from different storage devices

  • Accidental Deletion
  • Virus Attack
  • Unintentional Format
  • Error while File Transfer
  • Improper Ejection
  • Bad Sector
  • File System Corruption
  • Unreliable Third Party Tool

Features of Photo Recovery Tool

Supported OS: This recovery tool can be downloaded, installed and used on all the latest version of Windows and Mac operating system.

Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2010, Windows 7, Windows 8

Mac: Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Yosemite

Demo version: This utility is available for free to recover deleted or lost pictures from different storage device. You are able to preview recovered pictures before restoration if you want to save pictures then you need to upgrade this application.

Find Option: It allows user to search recovered pictures from list according to file name, file size and file type. This feature helps user to find deleted or lost pictures from recovered list easily.

Technical Assistance: Support team is available for 24X7 to provide assistance to users. Customer executive resolve users issues whenever they want either on email chat or telephonic conference.

Save Recovery Session: It is one of the advanced features of this picture recovery tool. It allows user to resume the recovery session at any time. If you are recovering pictures from external storage device then you are advised not to disconnect the external until recovery process is done.

Supported File Types: This application supports different file types of pictures to perform recovery process. Some of the files types are mentioned below:

File Type: JPG, JPEG, GIFF, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF, etc.

Apart from generic picture file type, it also recovers RAW photos from different brands of digital cameras such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Kodak, Olympus, Fiji Film, and many more.

Precaution taken to avoid picture loss from different storage device

  • Always upgrade your antivirus tool in order to avoid virus attack.
  • Check properly before deletion of files from any storage device.
  • Create back up of important file such that user can’t suffer severe data loss.

Reliable Tool to Recover Deleted or Lost Video Files

Are you in search of tool that can easily repair all your video files? Often you might have come across the problem of unplayable video files. Corruption may be considered one of the main reason behind this inaccessible or unplayable video files like .mp21 (MPEG-21 Multimedia File), .mov (Apple QuickTime Movie), .mp2v (MPEG-2 Video File), .moi (MOI Video File), etc. If you wanted to get videos played on your PC, digital camera, cellular phone and other multimedia devices then you should use a perfect application that could easily and quickly fix all type of corruptions that are hindering the soothing performance of the videos. Here is a wonderful application program that will solve all the problems related to videos, no matter what is reason behind its corruption or which device you are playing. As well as from all mobile phones, Windows/ Macintosh operating systems and different variety of hard disks for example IDE, SATA, SCSI etc. you have to just download this software and install it on your system to make your videos free from infections and make them playable.

Causes Accountable for Corruption of Video Files

Incomplete Downloading of the Video Files: If a video is not properly downloaded from the internet then it can get defected. This incomplete downloaded video file will get freeze when you wanted to play. This file can also not be forwarded or rewind.  Whenever, you encounter these kinds of symptoms while playing your video files then that file said to be corrupted.

Corruption of File System: A video file gets corrupted and consequently inaccessible, if that file resides on the system that has got its file system corrupted due to virus attacks or some other reasons. All the files existing on that system can’t be accessed by users. You may find your videos corrupted in this case too.

Corrupted Media Player Usage: To play videos on the system, you need to install some media players like VLC, Windows media player, Quick Time, etc. If these media players are corrupted then you will not be able to access your videos. The video repair tool will be able to repair your media players and make your files playable.

Scenarios in Which You Can Utilize This Tool

  • You can use this Video Repair Software whenever you find that your video files have been infected through some harmful viruses like malware, Trojan, etc.
  • When you are transferring videos files from one device to another, if in between this process some errors occur that interrupts the transfer of the files then that videos file may get corrupted. So if this had occurred with you, take advantage of this application program
  • Your videos may be discovered as defected, if you have made them at low battery of your digital camera or any similar gadget. In this situation video file segments are not properly managed by the firmware as a result of which videos files get corrupted. You can use this all rounder tool in this situation to fix damaged video file.
  • Videos files that are recorded by the faulty firmware are also found to be corrupted. If you wanted to get hold of these types of videos, then you can use Video Repair Software and keep enjoying your video.

Utilize Memory Card Recovery Software for Windows and Mac PC’s

About Memory card:

Memory cards are mainly used as additional storage space for storing data. It is most commonly and widely used in electronic devices like mobile phones, camcorders, digital cameras, and much other hand held consoles. It acts as a portable storage device by using memory card user can carry their important data with them safely and securely. Due to its extensive usage of all the electronic devices these memory cards are manufactured by different popular brands like Sony, Lexar, Kingston, SanDisk, etc.

All the captured or downloaded data or other multimedia files are stmemory card recovery software ored on these cards. But, sometimes while storing the data in memory cards and transferring to other devices may get deleted from it on both Windows and Mac based system under various circumstances which includes unintentional formatting, data might get erased by using unreliable third party software, due to intrusion of malicious program in the computer, interruption during transfer the data. In such situation memory card recovery software comes into play. Let me explain you about this concept in detail with an example.

Hello everyone, last week I was looking at my college annual day function photos and videos by connecting the digital camera to Mac PC. Then, I found that memory card storage space of camera was almost full. I need some more space in the memory card for capturing few more pictures then I thought of erasing the blurred and less brightened photos.

While deleting those pictures I have accidentally erased my precious photos by pressing shift + delete key and was cursing myself for my carelessness. I have lots of emotion with those images. I do not want lose them, but I don’t know which memory card recovery software is best in recovering data from memory card. If anyone is having an idea about which is the most reliable and trustworthy third party tool by utilizing this I can easily get back data from my memory card. Please suggest me the tool and recovery process to be considered?

Well, you are not the alone person facing these types of issues; it is faced by many users and they keep on regretting themselves for the mistake, but now onwards be calm, as it is possible to retrieve deleted or lost data from memory card by making use of Memory Card Recovery software and you can also restore different types of data that are stored in the memory card such as audios, text documents, videos, pictures, PPT file and many more on Windows and Mac system in just few mouse clicks.

If you experience the above stated problem and lose your important files and folders then your first question will be like can deleted data from memory card be retrieved? Well, it is possible to recover deleted or lost data only, if memory card is not overwritten with new files, because whenever you erase any data from memory card or any other storage device only file pointer which is addressing the location of data stored in the memory card is removed and it become invisible to the operating system but the data is still intact to memory card. Hence it is possible to perform memory card recovery until it is not overwritten

Simple Way to Recover Data from Mac Drive

Mac OS is well known by its more advanced features and intuitive graphical user-interface. Data loss in Mac computer is quite common as like in Windows system. Most of the time, you may become unable to access your data from hard drive, due to unexpected errors on Mac computers. Often, the data loss situation occurs as a result of user mistakes. The effect of important data loss can be reduced by maintaining manual backup. But, how can you get back lost data in case of backup is not present. In order to overcome from such situation, one can make use of an advanced utility called Mac Disk Recovery Software.

Data recovery is very simple by using this tool. Data that can be it under various scenarios, such as system crash, virus attack, hard drive corruption, etc. with the help of Mac Disk Recovery Software. You can download this recovery software from the internet. However, the full recovery of data is depends on how soon you act to start recovery process after the loss of data. When you lose the data due to any reason as given above, the first thing that you should avoid to being panic. Do not use Mac system anymore before you get back lost data from hard drive. Using system further has the chances of overwriting deleted or lost data and that cause’s permanent loss of data.

If you are aware of using computer, then you may be familiar with the formatting of hard drive. The Mac hard drive is formatted many times for changing file system or any other reason. In normal situations, it goes smoothly, while in other cases it ends with an important data loss. The data loss happens if you have forgotten to take backup before format hard drive. There are also other times where you may become unable to access or store new data on hard drive until you format it. This is mainly occurring due to hard drive corruption. When the hard drive gets corrupted, it may not be recognized by the system or it will throw format error message. Still there is no need to worry since you can recover data from formatted and corrupted Mac hard drives.

Most of the time, Mac user may lose data from Mac partitions. Sometimes, they become unable to access data from partition due to corruption, while in another situation the complete partition may get deleted. If the partition gets deleted, you may lose entire data from it. In such cases, you need to Undelete Mac partition to bring back all lost information. One can achieve it successfully by using Mac Disk Recovery Software. For more information about Mac partition recovery process follow this URL:

This software has designed by using advanced technologies, which makes possible to access data from Mac hard drive, irrespective of reasons. This application has scanning algorithm, which supports to retrieve data from HFS, HFS+ and HFSX partitions or volumes. It contains several recovery modules that are capable to identify deleted files based on unique signatures. One can also utilize free demo version of this tool, to evaluate Mac disk recovery results. If you have delighted by the result of demo version, then you can purchase full version of this software.

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