Deleted Email Attachments Recovery

How to recover delete email attachments? Is it possible to retrieve deleted email attachments? How do you retrieve erased emails attachments from Outlook? How can I restore deleted email attachments?

These are some of the frequently asked questions by the MS Outlook users who had deleted their email attachments by mistake and willing to retrieve them back. If you use your email account every day, chances are that you may get lots of emails in your inbox. While deleting inbox message you may hurriedly delete some of your email attachment from Outlook in an attempt to organize your clustered mailbox.

Attachments that are added to email messages in Microsoft Outlook are saved to a temporary location. Theses attachment may be a document, picture, or an audio file. When attachments are accidentally deleted from the email messages, don’t worry. You can easily restore them from the temporary folder that keeps a copy of your email attachment files. Follow these methods to retrieve deleted email attachments from the Outlook.

  • Retrieving deleted email attachment from temporary folder:  In order to recover deleted email attachments from the temporary folder, first, you must navigate to OLK directory. The default location of OLK folder is “C:\Users\$user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content. Outlook\8OVAOD6F” One can find his deleted or lost email attachments from this temporary folder and restore them to his/her desired location.
  • Restore erased email attachments from Regedit.exe utility:  Go to Start -> Run -> Type “Regedit” and click “OK” -> In a popup window navigate to the relevant registry and follow to this path “My Computer > HKEY_CURRENT USER> Software > Microsoft >Office > 12.0 > Outlook > Security” -> Once there, one or more items will be displayed -> Copy the location of “OutlookSecureTempFolder” -> Type the path in your file explorer, there you can find all your deleted or lost email attachments, copy the deleted email attachments that you wanted to retrieve and save them to your desired location on the system.

However, if the above two methods fail to restore your deleted email attachments from Outlook application. Then you can opt for any of the effective third-party recovery tools that has the capability to retrieve deleted email attachment files.

This email recovery application is one of the smartest and fastest email recovery applications that can be used for recovering deleted email attachments. It is a read-only application that extracts the contents of the email and retrieves attachments along with the emails.  In addition to this, it also recovers Outlook items such as emails, contacts, notes, calendar events, sent items, journals, personal folders, scheduled tasks, etc. from MS Outlook. This utility has user’s friendly interface and can be used by every individual to restore their lost or erased email attachments from the MS Outlook. This recovery tool effectively works well with all latest versions of MS Outlook such as Outlook 2002, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016.

Best method to recover files on Windows OS

Windows is a well-liked GUI operating system that is utilized by a lot of people. It supports 2 kinds of file systems that are FAT (File Allocation Table) and NTFS (New Technology File System). The FAT file system was applied in earlier versions of Windows OS like Windows 95, 98 and Windows Millennium Edition along within the later version like Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, Vista and Windows 10. 8, 7, FAT is replaced by NTFS. Considering that the removable data storage devices like memory cards, USB drives support only FAT file system; these latest versions of Windows support both FAT and NTFS file system to prevent the compatibility issues.

Sometimes a user will end up with the deletion of files that are stored in the system. If that’s the case it is simple to recover your deleted files using best file recovery tool.

A few scenarios where the data stored gets delete or lost are explained below:

• While deleting some unwanted files kept in the memory card by accessing through Windows OS, a user might accidentally delete a crucial file through the use of Shift + Delete key combination. This will bypass the Recycle Bin and hence cause loss of data.

• In some situations a user attempts to connect his removable storage media to Windows OS based computer, it’s going to ask to format the drive, which can be as a result of some file system errors. At that time, if the user formats the drive, then it will lead to deletion of entire data held in that storage device.

• Memory cards are traditionally used in digital cameras and mobile phones. In case a user improperly ejects the card when the system is started up, the card can get corrupt and the probability of losing data are pretty more.

When a file is deleted from memory card, merely the index file featuring every information related to every file stored in the drive will probably be erased and the data stored space will probably be marked as available, however, the stream of bytes continue to exist on the stored sector until it’s overwritten by new data. Unfortunately, any device or computer cannot access this data without an index file. Still, there is no need to be concerned on how to recover deleted folders on Windows 7, XP, Vista, etc since an effective data recovery tool scans these devices and recovers it by making use of unique signature search.

Windows file recovery software program is one such popular utility that is designed by some file recovery experts. With the aid of a built-in special algorithm, you can recover various media files like audio, video, images, etc. This tool supports all sorts of memory cards and also other data storage devices designed to use different file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, ExtFAT partitions/drives. Employing this tool you can even recover data from the device that is having bad sectors by creating disk images. You can download the demo version of this software and view the recovery results.

HDD recovery software for Mac

Have you ever encountered data loss problems on your Mac system? Are you not able to see the files stored on Mac hard disk? Do you want to get back missing data from Mac HDD? Well, don’t worry; it is very simple to recover deleted or lost data from Mac hard disk using third-party tools like Mac hard disk recovery software. This tool is designed, especially to recover data from Mac computers. This HDD recovery software Mac is capable to recover files from a bootable hard drive. One can use it without the help of computer experts as it has a user-friendly interface.

Nowadays, the Mac users are increasing rapidly as the Mac systems have very fewer chances to lose data due to virus attack. Even though the Mac OS is more secure, one cannot be without the loss of data from Mac hard drive. One can lose important data from Mac system due to file system corruption, operating system crash, power failure, emptying Trash, Mac volume corruption, accidental deletion of volumes, accidental formatting of hard disk, etc. Under these scenarios, you may lose photos, video files, favorite music, office documents, etc. Whatever may be the data that you have lost in these situations, you can recover them by making use of Mac hard disk recovery software.

Apart from the above scenarios, the small user mistakes can also lead to loss of huge amount of data from hard drive. You may want to transfer data from external hard drive to your Mac computer and for that, you connected this external drive to your system but if you have removed it while data transfer process is going on then you cannot find your data either in the drive or the system. In this situation, your external hard disk may get corrupt and all data stored on it becomes inaccessible.

Whether it is internal or external hard drive, you can recover all data from it, just by connecting it to the other healthy Mac computer where Mac hard disk recovery software is installed. This software is capable to recover data from all types of external hard drives such as SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc. To recover files from hard drive, first, it scans the complete drive to identify lost data and then restores them within a matter of minutes. The time to be taken by the software to scan hard drive depends on the size of hard disk.

One can download a demo version of this software to evaluate data recovery results before purchasing the software. Using this trial version of the application you can perform all recovery steps and finally view the recovered data using “Preview” option given in the application. Check the required files in the preview, if all data needed for you are available, and then save them by purchasing license key of the software. You can also view the files based on their file signature using “File Type View” option.

Application to Repair PST File

Outlook is among the most in-demand email application around the world. Microsoft office 2010 is the most recent version Office computer software that has given plenty of new feature to Outlook. It gives you a lot of features on the users some of the people are similar to emails, contacts, calendar and much more over a major for business or personal purposes. Every one of the data of Outlook is get held in a location called PST file. When the PST file gets corrupted you would then are not prepared to content from it. If in this event your any important emails become inaccessible then you definitely have to be disturbed. But, fortunately, there’s an extremely popular recovery tool which could easily mend your corrupted PST file. This Fix PST tool has earned the finance of best recovery software and it has been appreciated by many skilled professionals.

There might be a lot of reasons behind the corruption of PST files, some of the people are mentioned below:

Corruption as a result of Oversize of PST File: PST file which holds every one of the data of Outlook carries a preconfigured size limit for storing Outlook data. A different form of Outlook has their very own size limit, for instance, Outlook 2003 features a size 2GB, while Outlook 2007 includes a size of 20 GB and Outlook sort of 2013 features a fixed size 50 GB preconfigured. If the Outlook data you’re storing crosses this limit because of their respective versions then you definitely PST file get corrupted. When your PST file is broken} due to this reason you then must make utilize Fix PST tool that is specially produced for mending PST file.

Header corruption of PST file: Header file is a file which will keep a detailed record of all of the information stored in PST file. If you make an effort to access data from PST file then to be able to fetch it to start with header file of PST file is read. If due to whatever reason this header file gets corrupts you would take place PST file data. On such occasions, you should utilize mending tool which will repair PST file in an effective manner.

Sudden system turns off of system: It can be one of the most frequently encountered reasons which cause corruption of PST file. Suppose you happen to be accessing you PST file data even though this method is within progress system gets to turn off abruptly then it’s likely that pretty your Outlook file could get damaged. Of course, until this form of an event could make you disappoint, but fix PST tool can certainly rescue data from corrupted PST file.

Whatever is the reason for PST file corruption by making use of this fix PST tool it may be repaired in very short time? It has a robust algorithm by means of that this scans whole PST file after which repairs the damaged file effortlessly without modifying this content of original PST file. It supports various popular versions of Outlook including 2001, 2003, 2007 and 2010 effectively. It generates a brand new PST file from damaged PST file and you may even fix password protected Outlook file proficiently. It offers a facility preview of PST file on a system. This amazing tool can easily fix files which are severely corrupt based on their corruption level. This tool not only fixes corrupted files but also recovers emails items which have been deleted from Outlook folders knowingly or unknowingly.

Quick way to recover photos from SanDisk micro SD card

An SD Card is an electronic flash memory data storage device used for storing digital information. It is commonly used in many electronic gadgets such as digital cameras, cell phones, laptop, computers, music players and video game consoles. Different types of SD card are available in the market such as SD, SDHC, SDXC, micro SD card, mini SD card etc. These cards are smaller in size but have a high memory capacity. As we all know capturing crucial moments in the form of photos are the best way to hold special and unforgettable memories. Handycam, camcorders, digital cameras, mobile phones make it easier. All these digital devices make use of SD cards to capture, preserve and share files.

In the present scenario, so many big companies launched their SD card among them SanDisk is the most popular one. SanDisk SD card is specially designed for latest and compact digital cameras with multimedia functionalities. SanDisk had become a leader in the field of the storage device and has come out with a unique solution to satisfy the need for large capacity with small and tiny structure. SanDisk is the first company who launch 2GB of micro SD card. As none of the storage drives is fully secure, SanDisk micro SD card users are also facing the problem of data loss. In this situation, how to perform file recovery from SanDisk card is the most common question asked by its users. There are several reasons due to which users may lose their precious files, have a look at some of them:

  • Accidentally formatting of micro SD card is the very common reason for data loss from it.
  • Abruptly drawing a micro SD card during file transfer, also results in deletion of files.
  • Card file system corruption can also be another big reason for data loss.
  • If you connect your micro SD card with some virus infected PC or laptop, then there is a huge chance of data loss from it.
  • Sudden power failure while transferring files from SD card to system ends with file loss.
  • Capturing photo when a camera is showing battery low message or turning off the device while taking a photo also leads to the deletion of files from SD card.

Losing precious image files due to any of the above-mentioned scenarios will bring a big disappointment. If you caught in any such scenario then no need to worry, memory card photo recovery can sort out your problem. This software is available for both Windows/Mac OS users. Even PNG recovery became very easy with the introduction of this tool. With this tool, you can restore your deleted image files from your formatted micro SD card with utmost ease. Along with photos you can also recover other files from famous card brands like San Disk, Kingston, Transcend, Sony and Lexar. In addition, this tool can also recover compressed and password protected files. This Software is 100% safe, user-friendly and compatible. If you want to recover file from your SanDisk micro SD card then you all need to do is, download the trial version of the software from here. Verify the results of trial version if it is satisfactory then you can download its full version.


Android phone photo recovery

Accidental deletion of pictures, intentional deletion of pictures, picture deletion from android phones, picture deletion due to virus attack this all issue will be given an answer to recovery in this particular article.

There is number of devices that losses data but the super cool device which is in the trend is android phones. Android phones are one of the best devices to keep the data and that data could be photos, audios, videos etc. A number of times it happens when there is the loss of photos from your android phones.

Therefore, have you been in a condition where you are looking for android phone photo recovery software? If you are then you need not to panic as each of the lost files will be back using recovery software. The mother of Android OS is Linux which was developed by Google Inc and was launched in the year 2008.

The reason why the Android operating system is so popular is that of features like multitasking, ease of notification, can install modified ROM, Widget, Google maniac and the most prominent thing is access to application (thousands of application in Google store) via Google. Though, these features are best to make the android phone best but there are no other strong reasons that can possibly avoid the loss of data from your android phones. Let’s see what all scenarios can lead one to data loss from your android phones accidental formatting, accidental deletion, deletion of files due to third-party tools, virus attack from unreliable sources, improper ejection of card from the phones, corruption in a version of Operating System etc.

How to recover photos from Android after deletion and loss? The most common scenarios which give a user a way of loss is accidental deletion of files. Let us see a real-time scenarios that result in complete deletion of files. Suppose that you have kept all your collection of photos on your memory card in your android phone. Once while previewing the photos you found one unknown error and for the reason each file was deleted which was saved on the memory card of android phones.

Due to this accidental deletion, you will only remorse that why you have taken this action as these have deleted all your files from the card. Photo recovery from android phones can be achieved easily that can deliver all the deleted files from the android phone within few minutes.

Restore is another common thing that can delete photos accidentally even without your knowledge. In case if you have a new android phone and while seeing the feature of this phones you accidentally have to use the restore option in setting and your phone got restore this will make you file to lose and will delete all the files in a glance.

Therefore, if a user finds and desires the need of lost photos then he can retrieve those pictures under such circumstances and at the stage, he or she needs to use the recovery tool. Simply the application of recovery will not promise for 100% recovery and this is because you have to follow few of the precaution after your file is lost. Just for example: Stop utilizing your android phones so that overwriting of data couldn’t occur.

Android Photo/Image Recovery is a tool which is qualified to recover photos and apart the software can recover doc, pdf, jpg etc. The tool is capable to recover the photos from android phones memory cards and also devote a secure way. You cannot rely on any of the software, but you have to check it by your self. You can download any trial version of the software and if you find that software is good then you can go for the complete download of files.


Approach to Wipe Hard Drive Permanently

A hard disk is the major storage device for PC where you can store infinite files. The files include documents, photos, audio, videos, excel sheets and APK files. It is assumed to be secured device to store all kind of files. Nevertheless, at times you choose to sell or handover hard drive to others but prior to this, it is necessary to wipe data from PC hard disk. In some cases, you may format it and assume that data has lost and anybody cannot steal your significant and official information. Nevertheless, it will not happen, information can be restored by using recovery tool so, there is a necessity to wipe hard disk.

The wrong guess of lots of users is in case the PC hard disk is formatted means all the information gets lost enduringly. In fact, the information did not get erase the only pointer to that information gets lost. Thus, there is a likelihood that third-party users can use vital information. This kind of prevalence can result in the frustrating condition. Excluding hard disk formatting, users assume Shift + Delete process is enough to erase information enduringly from hard disk since it cannot be found in Recycle bin. Nevertheless, this way is not secure for users who sell their hard disk to unknown users since still the information can be restored.

In case the user formats hard disk, the procedure is freeing up index pointers that are used to check out file location. Information remains same and existing on the hard disk but its place is re-usable. Therefore, they can be effortlessly recovered by using many utilities obtainable on online to restore files after deletion or from a formatted hard drive. Now, the user thinks about the finest way to wipe hard drive data permanently. Which procedure is to be followed to erase information enduringly from hard disk? Well, it is easy to erase information permanently by using two methods. First one is to format the hard drive and later save surplus data on it and again format it. Hence, the sensitive information gets overwritten after the first time you format hard drive and store surplus information on it, however, this procedure takes enough time and is highly unsafe.

Therefore, now focus on well-liked third party utility to delete hard disk data permanently. The software called Remo More can provide you 100% assured consequence in erasing hard disk data permanently. It is fully embedded with appropriate higher sanitization standards for drive wiping. Further, it is employed by both novice and professional users since it will not ask any professional background to use it. It allows you a choice to a view of obtained consequence. It is freely obtainable, employ its trial edition to guess its performance of information deletion. You can employ this perfect utility on all main versions of Windows OS such as Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 7, 8 and 10. Additionally, it can erase duplicate files existing on PC hard disk.

How to shred files from SD card

SD cards are compact memory cards with a huge amount of storage space. Since they are compact in size, offer a huge amount of storage space and retains files without power, most of the digital media devices like digital cameras, mobile phones, camcorders and others prefer SD cards to store the data. Most of the times SD cards deal with media files like photos, videos, etc.

Along with the popularity of SD cards, their data complexity also increases gradually. There are many cases in which data stored in SD cards misused by other people.  Simple deletion of data from SD card will never erase the stored files. They can be easily recovered with the aid of recovery software. If you are looking to delete the data stored in SD card forever, then you need to shred files from SD card with different shredding patterns.

If you just delete a file stored in SD card, only the index file which is responsible for deleted file manipulation will be removed and storage space marked as available but the actual data still resides on the stored sector until it is overwritten with new data. Such files will be inaccessible only for the operating system but data recovery software easily retrieves such data by performing a sector by sector scanning.

Prior to discussing how to delete a file beyond recovery let us see the scenarios in which user needs to permanently delete the file.

  • In case if you are thinking to sell an SD card which you were using to capture photos, then it needs to delete all the files beyond recovery because someone else might recover your files which eventually leads to misuse the photos.
  • When you are handling your SD card to your colleague or subordinate at work, it is good to erase the stored files beyond recovery.

In order to delete a file beyond recovery, it needs to overwrite the stored sector with random values, which is practically impossible, because no one likes to manually trace the stored sector of the file in SD card and overwrite with random values, but a file shredder easily shred the files with different standard shredding patterns. They will overwrite the stored space of a file with standard file shredding patterns.

One such popular file shredding application which is specially developed for Windows operating system is Remo File Eraser. Using this tool you can shred the files and folders to erase them permanently beyond recovery from different storage drives like hard drives, external drives, memory cards, USB drives and others which are accessible to Windows computer. This tool also facilitates one to shred previously deleted files using “wipe free disk space” option. You can also shred the files as per the scheduled event or time with the aid of built-in scheduler. This tool uses 9 different file shredding patterns which are approved by government sectors. This tool is highly simple to use with which even a first time user can shred files without facing any difficulties.

You can download Remo File Eraser for secure file shredding process.



Method to fix damaged video

DIVX video file format is well known for its high clarity audio and video output and for that reason it accumulates huge storage space depending upon its compression techniques. It is well-known fact that large video files are highly at risk to corruption as they occupy larger sections of the storage drive. Occasionally, it is found that video player fails to play the video and audio stream of a DIVX file; it must be due to DIVX file corruption. In such case, you are definitely in a fix and it will elevate your anxiety when you come to know that you don’t have a backup of your favorite DIVX video files. In such a condition then there is only a way to get back access to its Divx file that is by making the use of a professional Divx video file fix tool like Video File Repair, which is capable to repair damaged Divx file with ease in the same format as it was earlier.

Some of the most common reasons are listed as below.

  • Insupportable player: Sometimes, it has happened when you made an attempt to play Divx video file on the player which is not compatible for running Divx video files then a condition may occur in which player throws an error message and further you check file, you found it is getting corrupted because of actions you had performed. To repair Divx file due to playing it in an unsupported player, you can utilize Video File Repair tool that is capable to fix video files in such an issue.
  • Third party tools: Third party software may lead to corruption of the Divx video files. Sometimes it has happened that when the user tries to play Divx videos in an unreliable third party tool, resulting in the corruption of Divx video files. You can make use of this tool in order to fix disk
  • Interruption while transferring files: While transferring Divx files from one device to another one if the process is somehow interrupted then there is a chance of the Divx video file corruption, sometimes it has happened when the running process is disturbed due to normal human errors or because of some other reason. This may lead to corruption of the Divx file, it occurs most of the times when you transfer DIVX files from your camera or camcorder to your computer.
  • Faulty firmware: Use of the faulty software may lead to corruption of Divx files. Sometimes it is found that some camera or camcorder brands use faulty firmware. If the video is recorded by making the use of such a faulty camera then there is a chance of Divx file corruption and video player might refuse to play such corrupt video files.
  • Virus infection: Virus also may lead to the corruption of the Divx file. Sometimes it has happened when you connect device to virus infected external device or you connect the device to online then there be a chance of the Divx file corruption. In such crises, you can make use of Video File Repair tool in order to access vital Divx files again.

It is highly recommended in order to avoid corruption of Divx video files, it’s strongly recommended to keep a regular backup of your DIVX files. Furthermore, use updated antivirus software to evade infection of viruses and malware to your computer.

Even after taking the precautionary measures, if anyhow you end up with a corruption of Divx video files, no need to lose your hope. You can fix corrupt video files with ease by using Video File Repair tool. For more information click this link This tool really helpful in fixing all the related issues of Divx video file corruption, this tool is proficient to work on both the operating system such as Windows as well as Mac. You can also utilize this tool to fix XVID files stored on different devices such as hard drives, iPods, memory sticks, USB drives etc.

Recover accidentally deleted partition on Windows Vista based computer

By mistake, I deleted a partition from my Windows Vista-based laptop, while using disk management application. I lost all my crucial data, which I stored on that partition. I don’t have any backup also, what did I do now? I want those files back!!!Is there any possibility to retrieve deleted the partition from Vista-based computer?

Of course, there’s probability to retrieve wiped partition from Windows Vista-based computer. Because At the time you delete the partition from your system, the deleted files are not permanently removed. The deleted files are somehow present somewhere in system hard drive itself. Only it lost its storage location. The space occupied by those deleted files is marked as free for storing new data. So, if you have unintentionally deleted an HDD partition while trying to create a new one. Don’t be upset!!! Because, you can recover your partition data by using Windows partition recovery tool. This tool will tell you how to find accidentally deleted partition from Vista-based computer.

Do you know the scenarios which bring about partition deletion?

  • Spyware infection on a partition is another big reason for partition deletion.
  • Sometimes users lose their partition files due to MBR corruption. This usually happens due to a sudden hard drive crash.
  • Using third-party application for merging or creating new partition may also result in partition deletion.
  • Improper system shutdown, OS corruption, operating system re-installation or up gradation are some other reason which results in deletion partition deletion.

Way to recover deleted partitions:

When a partition is actually removed, it is no longer recognized by the system. While removed partition information continues to be present on a Hard disk drive. By using an advanced partition recovery program such as Windows partition recovery program you will be able to restore your crucial files from the deleted partition. Windows recovery program makes use of special algorithms to restore deleted partition data. Windows recovery software uses special algorithms to rescue windows partition data.

This tool you easily recover deleted the partition, even if the partition table is severely corrupt or damaged. It is simple to run this utility on all major versions of Windows operating system such as Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2007 and Windows 2008. With this tool, you can also recover files from inaccessible disk drives. This application recovers data from all types of different hard drive interface such as IDE, SATA, SAS and many more. Using this tool you can also perform HP laptop partition restoration. The program has the ability to create disk images of the hard drive which bypasses bad sectors on it. It recovers data from all the file systems including FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and exFAT.

Way you use Window partition recovery tool to bring back deleted partition:

If you want to utilize this energy then first obtain its trial version and also set it up. Work the unit and begin the particular recovery process. Select partition healing switch to extract your current wiped partition. The program displays most bodily pushes found on your desktop. Select the wanted actual physical drive and click on the following option. The application tests the selected bodily hard disks and also displays all of the identified reasonable individuals that have been erased as well as missing. Find the drive where you want to retrieve files. The program once again scans along with shows every one of the recoverable data from that will deleted partition. Find the information which can be to be retrieved. The program allows you to compress the actual retrieved files to avoid wasting random access memory.

Beneficial recommendations:

  • Before downloading the program, check out that whether there is enough space for program or not.
  • While using computer defragmentation tool, be careful.
  • Maintain an effective back-up, ahead of transferring for reinstallation function.
  • To safeguard your system coming from malware or perhaps firmware’s utilize new version involving anti-virus in your system







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